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New Auto-Tune Hybrid with pro tools launched for Avid

Antares Audio Technologies, inventors of Auto-Tune and a global leader in pitch correction and vocal effects, announced Auto-Tune Hybrid, a new edition of Auto-Tune created exclusively for use with Avid Pro Tools platforms.

Hybrid is optimised to take advantage of Avid’s DSP-based hardware, giving Pro Tools users more processing power and delivering the ultimate Auto-Tune experience. Hybrid also works on native systems when Pro Tools users aren’t using DSP-based hardware.

This makes Hybrid perfect for everything from mixing on a laptop to using Auto-Tune in real time in both the studio and live performances.

"Auto-Tune Hybrid delivers the features and performance professional mixers, producers, and engineers need to be successful in today’s studio and live environments.” says Steve Berkley, CEO of Antares.

François Quereuil, director of product management at Avid said: "By working together to integrate Auto-Tune technology and Avid’s hardware we’ve unlocked even more potential. Together we’re now offering a complete set of professional effects designed to take vocal production to a whole new level.”