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antares Audio Technologies Introduces Auto-Tune Unlimited

The company behind Auto-Tune launches the most complete collection of vocal production software ever offered.


It is no surprise that Auto-Tune has shaken the music industry heavily amongst artists and producers. Countless hits have been orchestrated with the help of Auto-Tune to express musicians and producers best sound.

“Auto-Tune has been a staple in every one of my vocal sessions since I started… It simply gives any vocal an urgent, youthful sound, even when the artist doesn’t necessarily need it for pitch correction.”

Kuk Harrell, Vocal Producer (Beyoncé, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar)

Auto-Tune Unlimited

The pitch-correction technology, proved to be a creation persistent in the industry across almost all genres of music. Subsequently, over 20 years later, Auto-Tune Unlimited includes the same Auto-Tune effects but at a price that anyone can afford. In addition, a dozen of other vocal effects considered essential by professionals, free upgrades and plug-ins are also available. With access to free training materials, most importantly, subscribers’ get the best for their buck.

Through subscription, content creators of all skill levels have access to automatic harmony generation, microphone modeling, and other professional-grade effects. At only $24.99/mo USD or an annual pre-paid subscription for $249.99/yr USD, creators are free to explore the countless benefits of this innovative software.

“With the release of Auto-Tune Unlimited, we’ve made a complete set of our best vocal production tools available through an affordable monthly subscription. If you work with audio for music, games, podcasts, or post-production, Auto-Tune Unlimited delivers the professional tools you need.”

Steve Berkley, CEO, Antares Audio Technologies

In the same vein, Antares offers a powerful vocal production suite that includes key and scale detection, microphone/vocal modeling and harmonizers. Other vocal effects are available through perpetual license or subscription.

“I’ve been stuck so many times with only 1 license of a plug-in and no quick fix. Auto-Tune Unlimited gives new producers a safety net I would have done anything for a few years ago.”

Kenny Beats (Vince Staples, Rico Nasty, Gucci Mane)

Learn more about the Auto-Tune Unlimited, its features, plug-ins and benefits and a free 14-day trial here: