Press Clipping
You can now subscribe to Auto-Tune for $24.99 a month

Someone give T-Pain a call! There’s a new way to pay for the Auto-Tune production tool. The company behind it, Antares Audio Technologies, has launched a subscription service called Auto-Tune Unlimited, which gathers the famous pitch correction and vocal processing tool with other production effects.

The pitch (no pun intended) is that by subscribing, producers will get free upgrades and new plug-ins regularly, as well as training materials to help them get the most out of the products.

Antares is charging $24.99 a month for the subscription, with a $249.90 annual option to save a bit more money. This compares to the current official price of $399 for the Auto-Tune Pro software, or $699 for the Auto-Tune Pro Vocal Studio which adds in more plug-ins.