Press Clipping
Antares- Auto-Tune For Reason Rack

Plug-in format Rack Extension
Function type tool
Brief introduction to pitch correction
operating system Windows Mac OS X Intel
Highest version 1.0
Media price $99
Trial download

Original YouTube video link:

Reason Studios announced that Auto-Tune Reason can be used as a native Rack Extension (RE) plugin for Reason. This Auto-Tune Reason is tailor-made for the virtual rack in Reason, with a customized process and integrated sound.

Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager at Reason, says:

"Everyone knows about Auto-Tune's famous pitch correction and its highly recognizable vocal effects. Now Reason users can easily use these basic functions for sound design, singing and effect combinations."

Steve Berkley, CEO of Antares, added:

"We are very pleased to be able to add Auto-Tune to Reason's creation tool library. It is the dream of beat producers to add Reason Studio's iconic sound to Auto-Tune."

Auto-Tune Reason is jointly developed by Antares Audio Technologies and Reason Studios, using Antares patented pitch adjustment algorithm. With additional CV output, Auto-Tune Reason gives users a new way for them to use singing to perform any instrument. And it also has built-in Combinators that can be incorporated into Reason other effects-so you can combine Auto-Tune with other Reason instruments and effects to form your own unique new Auto-Tune-based Reason Timbre.

Auto-Tune Reason Rack Extensions is now available for purchase and technical support through Reason Studios at a price of USD 99/EUR 109. A 30-day trial is also available: auto-tune-reason/