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REASON now with device for Auto-Tune

It is one of the most controversial "effects" but simultaneously the most used and famous. For years, tools have been sought to correct slight performance errors, especially vocal, and the technology has been evolving, and for more than 10 years Antares launched Auto-tune that allowed corrections with some efficiency and realism, however someone used it exactly "wrong" or contrary, in relation to what was intended. Since there is no right or wrong, but the objective was essentially not to notice the use of Auto-tune, but someone took the use to the limit and assumed the exaggeration, and suddenly it became a kind of magic trick that it produced an "effect" that not only drew attention, but also pleased many people. This same effect is even responsible for the careers of musicians!
Throughout this iconic level, the "auto-tune" that used to be the name of the plug in but now describes the effect, has now arrived and finally at Reason!

The addition of Auto-Tune to the Reason Rack opens up entirely new capabilities and uses for this era-defining effect. Get creative and unique results by combining Auto-Tune Reason with your other Reason devices.

For starters, Auto-Tune Reason includes a large number of vocal chain combinations through the Combinator - both subtle and more radical, all processing ready for mixing, for creative use or as combinations of creative effects. Get Auto-Tune Reason today!
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