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You can now add Auto-Tune Reason as a rack extension

Reason Studios have announced Auto-Tune Reason, a rack extension of this hugely influential plugin.

Auto-Tune Reason

Since Reason supports VST plugins this may not be that big a deal to some, but for ardent users of the DAW, having a Reason Rack version of the popular voice manipulation effect has definite advantages.

Cited as the “The most essential tool for a modern vocal sound,” it has some notable easy-to-use advantages over using the VST version.

Being able to control the CV Note and Gate outputs for Reason instruments with a vocal track is one such feature.

Creating a collection of Combinator vocal chain patches could produce some amazing results as well as having MIDI control of target notes too.

Auto-Tune Reason sales blurb
Since its introduction, Auto-Tune has become an indispensable part of modern vocal production.

This new rack extension delivers the essential Auto-Tune features, plus Reason-exclusive features for more creative workflows, all with a simple and intuitive interface.

Retune Speed and Humanize controls let you dial in the sound you’re looking for, from subtle pitch correction to the most extreme Auto-Tune Effect.

And low-latency processing lets you perform through Reason Auto Tune in real-time without any distracting delay.

But as with all things Reason, you can take things much further by combining Auto-Tune Reason with other Reason devices.

To get you started, it includes a collection of Combinator vocal chain patches for both subtle, mix-ready processing, and inspiring creative effects for every genre of music.

Check out some of the sample sounds below.