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Auto-Tune comes to Reason as a rack extension

Reason Studios and Antares are announcing the imminent arrival of Auto-Tune Reason , a native Rack Extension version for Reason that brings the familiar voice tuning effect to the DAW workflow.

The effect is based on Antares' renowned algorithms for tonal tuning, offering control over tuning speed, humanization, and dedicated control of note range and scale to fine tune the incoming signal from those parameters, and can also receive MIDI and CV for input of Notes and control them directly from the software.

Auto-Tune Reason also integrates other cool features like Note CV and Gate outputs to control Reason instruments with a vocal track processed through Auto-Tune.

Also included are several Combinator patches that integrate Auto-Tune with other effects in the Reason rack, all designed specifically for voice processing.

Auto-Tune Reason is available as a Rack Extension at a price of 109 euros directly from the Reason online website. There is also a 30-day demo version available.

More information at Reason Studios

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