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Antares and Reason Studios bring Auto-Tune to Reason Rack

Tailored especially for Reason as a Rack Extension.

Sam Willings

Auto-Tune by Antares is the industry standard for pitch-correction and has become iconic for its (often extreme) application across a vast range of popular music. Now, Reason Studios has teamed up with Antares to introduce Auto-Tune Reason as a native Rack Extension plug-in for Reason 11.

The Rack Extension uses Antares’ pitch tuning algorithms to bring the genuine sound of Auto-Tune to Reason. Thanks to Reason’s CV routing, Auto-Tune Reason can allow users to perform any instrument device with their voice. Vocal chain Combinators are included, offering Auto-Tune Reason patches already hook up to other Reason effects.


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Auto-Tune Reason


“Of course, everyone knows Auto-Tune’s renowned pitch correction and immediately recognizable vocal effect”, says Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Reason Product Manager. “Now Reason users can effortlessly harness the essential features for sound design, vocal chains, and effect Combinators in Reason.”

“We’re thrilled to be bringing Auto-Tune to the arsenal of creative tools available for Reason,” says Steve Berkley, CEO at Antares. “The signature Auto-Tune sound inside the revered Reason Studio is a beat-maker’s dream.”

This addition to Reason comes shortly after AAX support was introduced for Reason 11, allowing Pro Tools users to access Reason Rack. This means that regardless of your DAW, you can still have access to the effects and instruments that Reason has to offer.

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The Auto-Tune Reason Rack Extensions is available immediately for purchase for USD $99.00 / EUR €109 with a free 30-day trial.

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